The Lazy Man’s Way to Faster Websites Killing Carousels and Sliders

Hero vs Carousel or Slider?

Carousels add more images

Which adds more weight and then you add code to hide, move, and show the images and you’ve added more weight to your site than just about anything else you’ll do.

And you get zero benefits for it.

Sliders and Carousels cause ...

Rather than beating users over the head with all of your offers at once, let them come across the offers naturally throughout your site.

Check out a study by Notre Dame University web developer Erik Runyon.

Their slider received a click-through rate of barely 1% and almost all those were on the first image.

Beaconfire conducted a similar study with four different clients’ websites.

The CTR on these four sites were well under 1%, and again, the first image got the clicks.

And Studies have shown that the more options you give someone the less likely they are to buy.

“The Jam Experiment”

Researchers found that more people purchased jam when fewer options were available.

Since then, other studies have supported the results.

1. More Choices = Bad User Experience

The more options you give, the more you distract users from yours and their desired goal.

WhirlPool tested it, went minimalist and eliminated all the secondary CTAs and photographs.

2. It Increases Buyer’s remorse

The more choices you have, the worse you feel after you buy. Why? Because now all you can think about is how much better the other options may have been.

3. Depletion of ability to think

We are only allowed so many decisions a day, if our ability to make a decision is already depleted or if we understand that we have a limited number of decisions, we’ll just leave rather than depleting our ability to think.

To compete today you need to be creating specific messages for multiple personas. Using previous interest you customize a user experience and show different hero images and call to actions for different personas.

But the idea is one Hero image, one call to action, one goal, per a persona.

Now you're taking control because you're presenting them with one clear message.

There are a Lot of Ways to Code Something but Only One Best Way!

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