Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of a Stupid Idea - Instagram Feeds

How does an Instagram feed help you with your marketing?

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

And neither Facebook or Instagram want to give anyone any reason to leave their site.

The reason they let you do it is because there is no way to get people from Instagram to your website with that feed.

However it does give people a reason to leave your site and go to Instagram.

Instagram is doing their best to keep a closed system with all traffic coming in and none going out.

People should see your content on Instagram and it should create a desire for them to want to go to your website, where they can see more of your content and only your content.

How does an embedded Instagram feed, that you have no control over ... help drive traffic and sales to your website?

Social media stuff should happen on social media sites, without feeds.

You don't want people on your website to show or improve your social media presence.

You want website visitors so you sell products and generate leads.

Your social media presence is what you do for your website and not to your website.

You need to be creating conversations and a feed isn’t going to do that.

Find the trends and tell a story on the social sites that will get people back to your site for unique content they can’t find on the social sites.

If you like the way it makes your website look, create your own with your own products that you control and don’t have to worry about delays and feeds going down.

If someone lands on your website they are wanting to learn about you and your brand, so exactly how does a feed help do that?

Do you want a website that creates leads and makes money or Instagram followers?

Or do you want a website where people come to visit you because of the pretty pictures?

And how does an Instagram feed help convert visitors into customers?

I’ve seen zero evidence for an Instagram feed helping to increase traffic, create leads, or sell products.

Your website should be designed to engage and convert visitors!

People don’t visit businesses for fun. They have a purpose.

How does an Instagram feed help them accomplish their goals?

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