What Everybody Ought to Know About Your Meta Description Tag

Everything you do from the images you use to the words you write should be done with a goal.

One goal per page and the goal on the search results page is to use everything you can to get the click.

You've got one shot and should make it the best you can.

Google doesn't use it for ranking but important for two reasons:

You focus on a specific keyword and wrap text around it that could ...

Talk about what makes you special ...

“365-day return policy”, “24/7 customer service”

Or since they're asking a question you could just mirror their question ...

"Are you interested in red widgets?"

Or you could add in a call to action.

"Plan and book your perfect trip with expert advice, travel, tips ..."

“Download the full version”

“Start your free trial today”

You can also use numbers ...“Buy now and get 50% off!”

Make a promise ...“Rank #1 in just 30 days!”

Add urgency ... “Limited time"

You can add in some power words like

And then you can add in some special characters

There are a Lot of Ways to Code Something but Only One Best Way!

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