Websites are Supposed to Drive Traffic & Make Sales!
So ... Why Do So Many Fail to Do Either?

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Get answers to any question in 0.3 seconds because at 0.5 Google saw a 20% drop in traffic.

Call to Actions!

A good CTA can prevent boredom, fatigue, and breath life, meaning, and understanding into your content.

Users need direction, they need to know what to do next.

Your CTA is what encourages potential customers to stay engaged.

You've got to give short and strong orders that persuade, engage, and get a click.

Show real people the same age as your target market and have them looking in the direction of the call to action.

Design different images for different devices to help with website load times.

Stop Boredom

Image Optimization

Resize all of them to their correct size and optimize them for speed. Done correctly it’ll pay for itself because images are normally easy to rank, because nobody has the time to optimize them correctly.

And the way you do this is by making a list of keywords that get good traffic and show buyer intent for your product.

You name the name of the folder you're putting your images in the name of your main keyword.

And you name the images the name of the keyword that best describes the image.

You add alt text targeting the keyword you used in the image name. Good descriptive alt text with the keyword you want

Get More Traffic

Social Media Buttons

Links to social media sites just makes no sense.

1.) They bleed pagerank and hurt your Google’s rankings.

2.) They could get you fined in California and more states are following.

3.) And they send your traffic to a site you don’t control.

You want to get traffic from the social media sites and not send traffic to the social media sites.

And tests by major corporations have shown that they actually hurt more than they help with regards to likes and shares. And that's the only reason for having them.

Social media sites are a tool for getting traffic and nothing else.

The idea is to get traffic from those sites to your site and not to send traffic from your site to those sites.

Just Say No

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So ... Why Do So Many Fail to Do Either?

Stupid Ideas!

Small Business Supporting Big Ideas

Controlling Link Juice

What started as a one woman show has grown into a community of makers supporting women and POC-owned vendors whenever possible. Because together, we all rise.

Power Up!

Description call to actions

Quality fashions produced by hand, made to last, with eco-friendly vegetable-dyed yarns that minimize water use. Always one-of-a-kind, never mass produced.

Understanding Descriptions

Social Media Marketing

We partner with local non-profit organizations to provide free knitting classes and warm clothing to underserved communities. Get in touch to find out more!

Get a Strategy

There are a Lot of Ways to Code Something but Only One Best Way!

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